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What is Blind Date?

Moscow dating. What is Blind dates?

Moscow’s Best Blind Dates

A romantic meeting between two people who have never met before. The match could have been arranged by mutual friends, relatives or by a dating agency – Moscow dating Service.

How to set up a blind date?

1) When you are single – tell friends that you are single. People to enjoy to fix friends up.
It’s a joy for them! friends to fix you up with people!

2) Find a matchmaking agency that will set up a blind date for you.

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How to survive a blind date?

Before you go on a blind date ask about a person’s values, and see if they match with yours.

Don’t have any expectations of your date.

Find out as many details about your date as you can beforehand.

Be open-minded and explore dating.

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If you don’t know what to talk about during your blind date, stick to 1) pop culture 2) current events 3) hobbies and interests 4) family. Avoid topics such as your previous relationships and career.

Honesty is the best policy on the blind date. If you understand during your conversation with a person, that he or she is not the right match, just tell: ” I think it’s not gonna work”. Don’t waste your time!

Is a blind date right for me?

There is no way to know if the blind date is gonna work out, because when it comes down to bottom line it comes down to chemistry. In-person chemistry is very different from online chemistry. But statistics show that 50% or more of blind dates end up successfully.

How to get out of a blind date if you are not having a good time?

  1. If a person you date is not nice, use “Cell phone technique” – have a friend call your phone every half an hour into the date so that you have an out if need be.

     Singles and expats in Moscow

    Singles and expats in Moscow

  2. If a person you date is nice, tell him or her after dinner that you had a good time. If he (she) says that he(she)’d like to see you again, you can say: “You know you are a nice guy (lovely woman), but I don’t feel we match. I wish you the best of luck”. And you just walk out. It’s hard on both ends to receive the comment, but it’s better to tell the truth right away and get out.

Blind date to be continued?!

Even if you’re feeling the sparks on this first date, save the moves for later. Experts say the fourth date is a good point in the relationship to start getting physical.

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