English Conversation Club. English Communication Club.

Do you want to be an advanced English speaker?

Do you want to speak quickly, correctly and automatically?

In real conversations, you use special vocabulary (especially English and American idioms) and faster speaking speed.

To succeed, you must understand and use real conversational English, not textbook English.

In our English Communication Club we will teach you to speak real English faster and more easily.

December 8th English Quiz Night

Four teams, four buzzers, four scores. Which team will be victorious?

With a native English quiz master as your host for the evening, answer general knowledge questions about English speaking countries. Don’t know anything about them? Don’t worry the questions have multiple choice answers given to you. So if you don’t know the answer, you will by the end of the night. 

Practice English in a fun vibrant atmosphere with other like minded English speakers. 

Free tea and coffee.

Prizes for the victors.

english conversation club moscow

By joining our meetings you will:

  • learn how to to speak English fluently;
  • get an opportunity to meet new friends;
  • overcome language barrier and practice conversational skills
  • take part in discussions with native English speaker
  • definitely spend your leisure with use!


Call or whatsapp us now +7-926-610-1095 to sign up for the next meeting

of English Conversation Club!


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