Finding Love in Moscow! Dating and meeting a nice woman!

When you first move to Moscow, it can seem to you that being a foreigner or expat will increase your chances to find a woman in Moscow!

However it is not that easy to find a woman in Moscow. Only about 10% of Russian woman will consider meeting and marrying a foreigner.

Leading Apps that can help you find a woman – Badoo, Tinder, Lovina and Mamba!

What else can help you to find a woman and where can you meet nice Russian woman?

Joining local Meetup groups and attending International events is a popular way to meet Russian women.

But due to corona restrictions women prefer to meet man online first or through dating and matchmaking agencies.

First dates in Moscow usually involve meetings  at a restaurant for a meal.

Majority of Russian woman meet their futur husband and get married between the ages of 25 and 34.

There is also a steady growth of Russian women who meet man and get married after the age of 35. 

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Single? Find your love in Moscow! Matchmaking Agency

Single? Find your love in Moscow! Matchmaking Agency Start Dating