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Flirt Party Moscow. Flirt Party  is a matchmaking process or dating system to encourage you to meet a large number of new people in just one night.  When a hectic work schedule doesn’t leave you much time, Flirt Parties can help pick up the slack.


As quests arrive, they are given a name tag and are escorted to their tables. Groups of 4 people (2 guys and 2 girls) sit by each . As our MC starts the evening, you’ll be given 5 minutes to chat with people at your table and then guys move on to the next table. You’ll meet about 30-40 girls and guys in one Flirt Party night.

There will be slow dancing, entertainment program, various activities and lotteries with prizes during the night. All of our Flirt Party activities are there to help daters mingle and be introduced to one another and are fully optional, so you can chose which activities suit you! If you don’t fancy taking part in the activities, you can always just sit back at the bar, mingle with other guests, or strut your stuff on the dance floor – whatever takes your fancy!! Our club DJ will be playing a mixture of the latest dance sounds until the early hours, so come prepared to party the night away.

Each table on a Flirt Party  is the hot new alternative on the dating scene, compared to barhopping and online dating. In the present world of speed and frenzy, Flirt Party  is the instant dating solution for today’s single professionals. Unlike normal dating, you have got 5 to 7 minutes to meet and create chemistry. Because of this limited time, the way you dress and the questions you ask are really important.

TIP: Read Best Flirt Party Questions to ask your partner.

Flirt Party Advantages:
* Flirt Party allows singles to meet a large number of new people in one easy event.
* Flirt Party is especially efficient for busy professionals or those that have limited social circles.
* Flirt Party’s structured interaction helps shy people to overcome their inhibitions.
* The time limit ensures that no one is stuck talking to someone longer than they wish.
* Flirt Party is cost efficient. Flirt Party is essentially numerous dates for the price of one.

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