Matryoshka Party Flirtparty in Moscow, R-gorod

Matroyshka Party for singles – nice way to meet new people.

Matryoshka doll – is a typical Russian souvenir. You’ll find them everywhere in Russia. It is a piece of culture and tradition.  Russia, a huge country with great people living in it. It’s worth giving it a go, coming and discovering how Russia and Russians can make you love this place, their place!

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We make this doll a symbol of our party!

How to meet Moscow girl?

Matryoshka Party is the Russian way to meet single ladies in Moscow, to find love and have fun.

What Happens?

On arrival, ladies are given one half of Matryoshka and guys are given another half.

The aim of the evening is to match as many Matryoshka Dolls as you can throughout the evening.

Each time a match is found, the successful pair is given a token to be entered into a prize draw.

Who’s it For?

Young professionals who fancy a bit of a novel evening out. As you meet so many people at the evening, it’s just a case of stopping to chat to the people you want to, and moving on from the ones you don’t.

Matryoshka  Party may sound like a rather tacky way to spend an evening, but you might be surprised just how much the simplicity of it all allows you to meet people. After all, that’s the whole point of a dating event right? No need to think up any decent introductory/chat up lines, as your reason for approaching someone is already laid out for you. Beware of the inevitable innuendos at these events, there’s bound to be plenty of them!

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Matryoshka  Party Tips

  • It’s up to you to move around whenever you want, so make sure you do. Make it your aim for the night to meet everyone in the room.
  • Check out the potential and head for your top choice first.
  • Be ready to flirt, that’s what it’s all about and with the inevitable innuendos, this is the perfect opportunity!

The cost to attend varies from 1000 to 1500 rub and includes:

    • Ice-breaking games to get you mixing
    • Free drink
    • Lots of Matreshka dolls to get you mix and match
    • Exchange of contact information through our matching cards
    • Mingling with singles at the After Party Disco
    • Prize giveaways

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