Moscow night clubs

Moscow nightclubs will surprise most expats in good and bad ways. For the party goer Moscow can be one of the best cities on the planet, but beware of strict face control, bad music in some clubs and smoking almost everywhere!

moscow night clubs Coyote Ugly Bar (6/3 Kuznetsky Most Ul., 692-0397) – the most famous bar in the world. A gorgeous cast of bartenders/dancers, known as Coyotes, perform line dances every day! Join the sexy Coyotes! Happy hours every day from 6pm to 8 pm. Celebrate USA Independence day on July 4th in Coyote Ugly!

Night Flight Club & Restaurant (17 Tverskaya Ul, Phone: 229-4165) This nightclub is the best known among the expat community for its excellent restaurant and, say, the unique female clientele. Beware of hookers!

moscow life The Real Mccoy (1 Kudrinskaya Pl., 255-4144) Almost all expat who live in Moscow gave this drunken paradise a try! It is free to get in though face control can sometimes be difficult to get past. Small but fun!

Papa John’s (22 Myasnitskaya Ul. 755-9554) If you want crazy and wild check out this Moscow nightclub . Papa John’s is supposed to be even crazier than the Hungry Duck was in its hay-day, so if you have a light stomach and are not ready to see anything then do not go. But if you are interested in a little adventure then check this nightclub out.

Pacha (10 Nikolskaya Ul. 798-5777) is a global club brand based out of Ibiza, with clubs in around 15 countries. Pacha Moscow is huge, over 1,500sq meters, and capacity for more than 900 people.

expats Propoganda Club (B. Zlatoustinskyi per. Bld 7, 623-36-65) A weathered veteran of the Moscow club and restaurant scene, it is popular both with expats and Russians. However it’s foreigners who made Propaganda what it is now by spreading the secret knowledge of where to find cheap, high-quality food in this overpriced town. It’s also home to the best Thursday night party in Moscow.

Silver’s Irish Pub (Tverskaya 5/6, tel 290–42–22) attracts expats because of a perfect combination of good location, friendly service and a veritable bucket of Long Island Ice Tea for 180 rubles. It’s a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

B2 Club (Bolshaya Sadovaya ul 8, 209-9918) It is a huge, four story complex, that has something for everyone!

night party Karma Bar (Pushechnaya ul 3, 924-5633) Asian food, Latin Music, Russian fun! Notwithstanding its popularity, it is big enough to give a good chance that you can dance instead of being squeezed in a crowd.

Another club to go to is Rock Vegas (Ulitsa Pyatnitskaya 29/8 tel: 959-5333). This club tends to to be a favorite for the Australian expats but they usually play live rock music and dance music. Last time there the cover band was playing ACDC and Rolling Stones. There are a lot of Russian women there but beware of the Russian girls that prey on the clubs where mostly expats hang out.

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