Russian Brides

Why Do Russian Girls Marry Foreigners?

Russian brides For many Russian women availability of a nice bank account mean the happy marriage. Those “Russian brides”, as a rule, get married to the first one with a foreign passport. A lot of Russian girls are disappointed in Russian boy-friends and start looking for love among foreigners through dating web-sites and matchmaking services. In reality long correspondence seldom ends up with marriage. But still many Russian girls want to marry foreigners, why?

1. Scarcity of men in Russia. It is well known that there are less men than women in Russia. Men die earlier and are subject to serious illnesses. As a result, every tenth Russian woman at the age of 35 can’t find a partner for a marriage.

Russian girls 2. Drinking. Russian men enjoy a great popularity all over the world, thanks to their hard drinking. This problem exists in other countries as well, but not on such large scale.

3. Promiscuity and unfaithfulness. Russian man tend to practice promiscuity and believe they should be allowed to have as many mistresses as they want and are often emotionally and physically abusive.

4. Russian culture and lack of stability. A decent Russian woman wishes happiness and well being to her children, but she doubts “bright tomorrow” for Russia, so for her children. Therefore they try to settle themselves in more prosperous countries.

Why do foreigners marry Russian girls?

Single women Russian woman are more family-oriented, they can be a loving wife, caring mother to her children and tender keeper of home hearth. Russian women, not spoiled with feminism and careerism, seem to be ideal for foreigners. Another, but not less important reason for marriage with a Russian girl is to keep a step with fashion. “My neighbor got married to such a beautiful, wonderful, lovely Russian girl! Why shouldn’t I try?” And foreigners do try and some are in luck in this marriage. Finally, Russian girls are physically attractive!


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