Moscow dating. Speed dating FAQ.

speed dating moscowWhat is speed dating?
The main idea of speed dating is to expose you to as many singles as possible in just one party. Speed dating technique gives you a chance to find an appropriate candidate who can become your partner in future.

Speed Dating upcoming Events, Moscow

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Where does speed dating party take place?
Speed dating party take place in comfortable Moscow restaurants and clubs.

How many dates?
Speed dating is the latest trend in matchmaking and dating that gives you an opportunity to meet 20-30 dates in just one night in Moscow.

What kind of people attends speed dating party?
Most of our quests are professionals and entrepreneurs who want to meet partners for serious relationships or occasional dating. Our guests are attractive women (25-35 y.o.) and successful men (30 – 45 y.o.) with varied interests and hobbies. Speed dating party in Moscow is ideal for those singles who lead a busy life and want to meet a lot of new people in just one night.

What is a typical scenario of speed dating party?
When men and women arrive couples are paired up. Following 3-7 minutes conversation, we ring a bell and women move on to the other table to meet their next date. This continues until you have met everyone at the party.

Will I feel comfortable if I come on my own to speed dating party?
The whole idea of a speed dating party is to make sure our guests feel at ease and we try to create an environment where people can meet new people and socialize comfortably. Some people find it easier to bring a friend along for moral support, but many guests come by their own.

How does speed dating work?
Speed dating gives you an opportunity to meet face to face with a real person. You don’t have to spend endless hours on Internet trying to find an appropriate match, you just visit speed dating party in Moscow and meet 20-30 dates during one night.

Speed-dating party in Moscow is an exiting and easy way to make friends, meet new people, and have a great time!

Speed Dating upcoming Events, Moscow

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